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What Makes C.P. Company an Underrated Streetwear Brand?

Massimo Osti brand C.P. Company hasn't enjoyed the same explosion in popularity as Stone Island, but there are lots of things to like. There are similarities between individual pieces and some unique items not seen in Stone Island. If you're interested in techwear or streetwear, they're definitely worth having on the radar.

C.P. Company official site: https://bit.ly/2P1GRkU
C.P. Company on END: https://bit.ly/3gj0q3p

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Persona 5 OST
Andrew Niessingh : Having owned several CP pieces I can safely say they're a great clothing company. Quirky nature, beautifully made(for the best part), and a fit like no other. My only criticism is some of the pieces are quite short in length. My piéce de résistance has to be my 2012 A/W tinto terra mille miglia goggle jacket. Awesome jacket albeit quite heavy. Not one for walking long distances in.
We love cheshire cats : The arm lens is great to show off your stone island tattoo!
BestOrVerse : I like C.P. Company because it's reminiscent of the busier looks that kind of branded techwear in the beginning. Their staple details seem trued to the beginnings of techwear than brands that have since branched out or maybe just tried to underline their serious performance side with less-is-more aesthetics. As far as fidelity to the things that "made" techwear, I'd put their overall look up there with ACRONYM.
Patrick McMullen : Ugh, Ant, why you gotta make CP Company more sought after and harder to get on sale :(
This is supposed to be a (poorly kept) secret!
OneManTagTeam : Love a bit of CP. Got the Nycra full length black puffer jacket a few weeks ago and it’s my favourite jacket so far.

SI has been ruined by the amount of fakes going about

Clarks Originals x C.P. Company

The C.P. Company x Clarks SS022 campaign features contemporary ‘nomad traders’ wandering amongst an ever-evolving British landscape that compliments and contrasts with the tones of the collection.

Find out more about this collaboration at cpcompany.com as well as all C.P. Company flagship stores.

c.p companyとstone island、その産みの親massimoostiを25分語る男



c.pcompanyとstone islandについて、そしてそれぞれの産みの親であるmassimoostiについて話しております。








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20 00 : こう行った長い動画はラジオ感覚で聴けるのでこれからもよろしくお願いします。
せれん : 今回の動画、めちゃくちゃ勉強になりました…! 今後も勉強になるブランドのアーカイブみたいな形で動画見られるのを楽しみにしてます!

Miyabi Sugi : すごく分かりやすい!
ken k : いつも知識量が豊富で感心します。
Kazuma Tsuji : この動画を見て、もっともっとyossyさんからいろんな服の話を聞いてみたいと思いました。




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