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Sony HMZ-T2 Test

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Hier sehen sie das neue "Kopfkino" von Sony - die HMZ-T2 Videobrille. Das Gerät vermittelt eine Bildgröße von ca. 7 Metern! Ab November 2012 werden die ersten Geräte verfügbar sein. Wer so ein Kopfkino haben möchte sollte am besten schon mal vorbestellen, denn es werden vermutlich nur wenige Geräte nach Deutschland kommen. Mehr Infos unter
Thvist : Ich habe 2 Fragen.
1.Gibt es im Moment schon eine bessere Version dieser Brille?
2.Mein Laptop ist von der Leistung her nicht für Games geschaffen (MacBookPro 2012) hat aber einen HDMI Ausgang. Wäre das jetzt besser einen Pc zu kaufen oder diese Brille?
Danke für eine Antwort
Firat Bulut : Danke für das tollen Review, hat mir gut geholfen.
Rafael Lanzetti : Danke für das Review! Eine Frage - hat das Gerät irgendeinen Focusregler? Ich muss leider Brille tragen, kann ich das Kopfkino irgendwie ohne Brille benutzen?
budojon : in a nutshell, a lot lighter, no pressure on nose anymore, lots of adjustments for the head improves comfort, headset ok but can be taken off, still just 720p so there can be seen some pixels, extremely big picture looks like a 7m diagonal cinema, excellent 3d from due to the 2 oled displays, therefore no ghosting, motionflow improvement is still missing, lots of picturesettings manualy adjustable.
Marcus8958 : Well first of all there is not that many reviews. Second of all germans usually makes better reviews in general. Most american reviews is just "I have bought this and this is why it is the best thing in the world" and then they go on rambling about how awsome it is in every way but seldom if ever show the bad sides.

Sony HMZ-T2 Review (HD 750" HMD- Sony Personal 3D Viewer)

Sony's second generation head mounted display presents a simulated 750" 720P OLED 3D display for users to enjoy games and movies on. While the image quality (especially 3D) come unrivaled, the device is still too bulky, expensive, and cluttered with wires, to appeal to the mainstream.

Find it here:
Zombie Zeke : I was unaware that this was even on the consumer market.
Crazy times.
Adil Chawala : Who the heck disliked this video? It is the best review of this product I've seen. So stupid whoever disliked this.
ziggyjinx : Best reviewer on the net..... Good stuff and keep them coming
David Edwards : The problem you found was the 'million gazillion wires'?
I counted TWO.
Now I have to wonder about the rest of your review and how accurate it is going to be.
TheTwsa : is this specific Sony 3D viewer even relevant in 2021 or has other brands or much better and cheaper versions come by since then?

Sony HMZ-T2 3D HMD Virtual Reality Unboxing + Impressions:

We take an exclusive first look at the Sony HMZ-T2 HD head mounted display. which simulates the experience of watching 3D/2D content on a 750" private display.
Find it here:
iLkan639 : Can you use the glasses as a PC monitor (Desktop / Mindows10)?
Brian Z : I got one of these recently cheap, apart from good colour and contrast and a good 3D effect I found it disappointing and got rid.




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